hi! i'm liiontai :3c

she/her | lesbian

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woah!! welcome to my interests page :D

this is a non-comprehensive list of my interests. i consume all media critically, if something has problematic content please don't assume i condone or agree with it.

general interests:

  • cartoons

  • animation + art

  • musicals

  • video games

  • music

  • anime + manga

  • vtubers (especially hololive)

cartoons + movies:

  • the owl house

  • camp cretaceous

  • scooby doo

  • adventure time

  • into the spider-verse

  • carmen sandiego

  • hilda

  • kipo

  • wolfwalkers

  • she ra

  • the dragon prince

  • steven universe

  • glitch techs

  • duck tales


  • nichijou

  • k-on

  • little witch academia

  • brand new animal

  • kakegurui

  • kiki's delivery service

  • new game!

  • eizouken

  • kobayashi's dragon maid

  • saiki k

  • yagakimi

video games:

  • animal crossing

  • minecraft

  • genshin impact

  • calico

  • among us

  • smash bros ultimate

  • cat quest

  • shantae

  • hollow knight

  • botw

  • slime rancher

  • super build

  • ddlc

  • cookie run

  • deltarune


  • mean girls

  • starkid in general

  • the prom

  • six

  • heathers

  • be more chill

  • hamilton

  • frozen

  • vocaloid

  • K/DA

  • demondice

  • carly rae jepsen

  • plus many more individual singers/bands

dni if:

  • you are lgbtphobic

  • you are racist

  • you do not support blm

  • you support pedophiles/maps

  • you are a proshipper

  • you have nsfw as the main focus of your account

  • your content heavily features drugs or violence

i have nothing against nsfw artists/people who make darker content, i just personally don't want to engage with it :3

about me !!
my username is pronounced [ lion - tie ]
but i enjoy watching people guess the correct way to say it :)

my name is emily but i mainly go by liion in online spaces. i go by she/her but i don't mind people using they/them for me. i'm australian so my time zone (AEST) is kinda weird for most of the internet, but my sleep schedule is non-existent so it doesn't really end up mattering. i am also half-scottish and often visit my family overseas :)

i have a really horrible short-term memory so if i ask you to repeat something or tell you something twice i honestly just forgot. i can listen to someone speaking directly to me and often still don't comprehend what they're saying first try so please be patient with me! message me if we agreed to something and i didn't follow up, it likely slipped my mind.

currently a student with a part-time job, so i am very busy and art commitments are often pushed back in favor of schoolwork. i apologise for this but i am very bad at time management and doing my best. feel free to bug me if its been a while and i haven't messaged you about art.

another small note is that i often shorten words in text and misspell/leave out letters. if this makes it harder for you to read my messages please let me know and i'll try and accommodate that when messaging you personally. same goes for tone indicators, i don't often use them when chatting but if you need them i'll do my best for you.

in a similar fashion please refrain from messaging me in very small sizes, very detailed/hard to read fonts (sans serif fonts are easiest for me to read!), low contrast colours or typing styles where you replace letters with numbers and/or symbols. none of these are particularly harmful to me in a serious way, i just prefer to read with ease. thank you :D